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"Edema Ruh"


One by one we light the candles of this show

One by one, enter the theatre of the primal birth

Silently watch the planetary curtain go down

Laugh and rejoice, as the powerful play greets you tonight


We are the Edema Ruh

We know the songs the sirens sang

See us dream every tale true

The verse we leave with you will take you home


We’ll give you a key to open all of the gates

We’ll show you a sea of starlight to drown all your cares

Mirrorhouses, the sweetest kisses and wines

A Debussy dialogue between wind and the roaring sea


Dance to the whistle, to the play, to the story

To infinite encores

Laugh at the royalty with sad crowns

And repeat the chorus once more

Tłumaczenie -> KLIK


Jak rozumiesz utwór? Jego wybrany fragment lub całość? Może jest w nim jakaś wyjątkowa myśl, która jest dla Ciebie ważna?

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