Lista wersji live z innym wokalem niż w studiu

Utwór Wykonawca
Beauty And The Beast (Tony Kakko)
Beauty And The Beast (Marco)
10th Man Down (Marco)
Rest Calm (tylko Marco)
Scaretale (tylko Marco)
Sacrament Of Wilderness (Anette)
Walking In The Air (Anette)
Sleeping Sun (Anette)
She Is My Sin (Anette)
Come Cover Me (Anette)
Wishmaster (Anette)
Dead Boy’s Poem (Anette)
Over the hills and far away (Anette)
Dead To The World (Anette)
Ever Dream (Anette)
Slaying The Dreamer (Anette)
Dark Chest Of Wonders (Anette)
Wish I Had An Angel (Anette)
Nemo (Anette)
Planet Hell (Anette)
Creek Mary`s Blood (Anette)
The Siren (Anette)
Romanticide (Anette)
Ghost Love Score (Anette)
Over the hills and far away (Anette)
Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan (Anette)
Higher Than Hope (Anette)
Storytime (Elize Ryd/Alissa White-Gluz)
Wish I Had An Angel (Elize Ryd)
Nemo (Elize Ryd)
Amaranth (Elize Ryd)
While Your Lips Are Still Red (Marco Hietala/Floor Jansen)
Storytime (Floor Jansen)
Wish I Had An Angel (Floor Jansen)
Dark Chest Of Wonders (Floor Jansen)
Nemo (Floor Jansen)
Amaranth (Floor Jansen)
Scaretale (Floor Jansen)
Dead To The World (Floor Jansen)
Ghost River (Floor Jansen)
I Want My Tears Back (Floor Jansen)
Last Ride of the Day (Floor Jansen)
The Crow, the Owl & the Dove (Floor Jansen)
The Islander (Floor Jansen)
Planet Hell (Floor Jansen)
Song Of Myself (Floor Jansen)
Higher Than Hope (Floor Jansen)
Slow Love Slow (Floor Jansen)
Ever Dream (Floor Jansen)
Ghost Love Score (Floor Jansen)
The Siren (Floor Jansen)
Over the Hills and Far Away (Floor Jansen)
Wishmaster (Floor Jansen)
Seven Days to the Wolves (Floor Jansen)
Romanticide (Floor Jansen)
Bless The Child (Floor Jansen)
She Is My Sin (Floor Jansen)
Stargazers (Floor Jansen)
The Poet and The Pendulum (Floor Jansen)
Sleeping Sun (Floor Jansen)
Sahara (Floor Jansen)

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